Monday, July 17, 2006


As I'm sure a few of the loyal blog readers will be aware, on my return from Germany, British Airways managed to mis-place by rucksack. However, after some very nice work by a close associate of mine who was down in Heathrow last week, the said backpack was recovered and is now back in my possession. WHOO HOO!!! It was still in the "Misplaced Luggage" hold at Terminal One and Lord knows if I would have ever seen it again apart from the brilliant spot that led to its recovery.

So tips for not losing luggage: 1) Place a name/address tag inside the bag. 2) Don't pack 1 litre Munchen stein beer glasses that look like a bomb or a dodgey coke package and 3) Don't fly BA (at least until they
get their act majorly together at Terminal Five....)

Phew! It's a Scorcher!!

Global warming does exist. We have know about it since the early 1970s. Anyone who says, or worse, believes otherwise is either in the pockets of the oil industry or still believes Omega_Matter = 1.

After having thought (for the umpteenth time) the redshift-space distortion paper was finished, Shanks still thinks it is worth trying to fit some more double power-laws to the w(theta) or wp(sigma)'s. Holey-shmoly.

The Shuttle is due to land in a couple of hours or so.

I am now 26. By hook or by crook I will get my PhD finished when I'm this age!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"Final" comments

The redshift-space distortions paper is finished and I'm waiting for Shanks' (Durham) "final" comments. Not before bloody time.

Sadler (Sydney) has emailed her draft paper on Radio Properties of the 2SLAQ galaxies and evolution of the Radio LF. Potentially a couple of nice conclusions if everything holds with implications for AGN and good ol' feedback. Well let you know more when I do!