Friday, February 23, 2007

LRGs vs. ELGs

Hot off the press... (and therefore still very prelim)

With the help of Angulo et al. (2007) I think we *finally* have a delta_w estimation for (what would have been/still could be) an LRG ATLAS BAO Survey versus a WiggleZ Emission Line Galaxy (ELG) Survey.
Basically, given the parameters which should appear in due course in Ross et al. (2007a), (as well as looking at Parkinson et al. (2007) and the method of Angulo 07), I/we think the LRG delta _w would be 8.4% vs. an ELG value of 11.5% (essentially for equal telescope time).

However, this is all fairly academic since only one project at the mo has got the green-light ...


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