Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The first version of me AAOmega LRG clustering paper has been posted to the AAOmega LRG BAO collaboration and have already had some really good comments back from key members.
This is all geared towards the AATAC 07B deadline next week (March 15th) and will be very interesting to see once more what happens.

As a slight spin-off from the w(theta) work that myself and Sawangwit (Durham) have been doing, I've been corresponding with Martin White (Berkeley) and Michael Brown (Princeton) regarding their Bootes NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (NDWFS, e.g. White et al. 2007 and Brown et al. 2007 ). The preliminary result is that the HOD models they employ from the clustering results to infer merger rates of >L*red galaxies, could match my 2SLAQ LRG xi(r) real-space correlation function very nicely (with the obvious health warning about comparing data/models with compeltely different selections). What this means we'll still need to have a think about!


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