Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Half an orbit

Good evening and welcome back to NPRs Research.

After some time (6 months, ahem!) I thought it was a grand idea to get the ol' blog fired back up and see what we can do.

For those that don't know, I successfully handed in and defended my thesis at Durham University in May/June of this year, and have now been at Penn State University, working with Don Schneider for the past 2 and a bit months.

So, what's the grand plan? Well, if I'd knew I'd tell you, but basically, for starters and in four words, Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

To that end, I re-read the Stoughton et al. (2002) Early Data Release (EDR) paper today, as well as got to grips with the main papers in Xiaohui Fan's recent collection, regarding the high-redshift (z>5.7) quasars in the SDSS and the epoch of reionization. Then just as I was potentially about to so something useful, the server died. Ah well, looks like we're back to normal already...


Blogger RichB said...

aha! You're back eh?! Was randomly having a look at the old blogs. Good to see NPR's research going again....

1:28 PM  

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