Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Already struggling...

Well, it seems as if getting back into daily postings is gonna be tricky...

- V. good talk by Nemmen (UFRGS, Brasil) about models and modelling jets produced by supermassive black holes in nearby giant ellipticals (e.g. Allen et al. 2006). He basically made a good case that the spins of these black holes needs to be high (a=0.75 -1), with thick ADAFs, which to me, isn't *that* surprising. (Nemmen et al., 2007, MNRAS, 377, 1652)

- Continued to get up to `proper' speed with the SDSS and CAS/DAS.

- Went over some absolutely basic celestial sphere geometry/astronomy


- Sat in on an Astro 291 class in case I have to cover for Don on Friday. Was good to go over the basics of Planck distributions, leading to L = Area.sigma.T^4 and then to work out how many x-ray photons one can expect to emit in a human lifetime (clue: really not that many...)


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